Sunday, May 12, 2013

Placing a Child for Adoption

What a profound picture of a birth mother's love seeing the work of God in her adoption, "God was using me to find his family not me choose his family. My baby's family shared him with me, not me sharing him with them." (7:30)

Denise and I love this video because it shows how blessed we were to have a birth mother like Charity. One quote I love from this video is her emphasis that the monthly disappointments and the long wait for choosing a birth mother was because God was waiting to bless the birth mother with the child. She needed their baby to be born to her to help save her from the challenges that she had been facing. Adoption is a wonderful gift for both the birth mother and adoption parents. However, it is often a blessing that is accompanied with tears.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the information and I agree with this as adoption is not only a gift for birth mothers and adoptive parents but, it is also helping to develop a child's future in a good family which is screened by the birth mother.

    There are number of agencies who are providing the service of adopting the child as well as for birth mothers who want to place the child for adoption and one such agency which I recently, came across on internet is Adoption by Shepherd Care who is providing the service of adoption support to birthmothers.