Saturday, February 7, 2015

Please Pray for Charity

As I write this post Crosby is running and jumping in our backyard oblivious to cares of the world. His big brown eyes sparkling in the rays of the warm Florida sun while laughter and giggles resonate throughout the yard. His only care is to see how fast his stubby little legs can run to catch his big brother 'Bubba'. Meanwhile, in near freezing, overcast Ohio, a young woman lay in a medical coma with little hope she will ever wake up. This morning we received a call from Grace informing us that Crosby's birth mother Charity had collapsed at work and was rushed to the hospital. The circumstances of life have not allowed Charity to get the proper attention for a serious heart condition which is threatening her. At this point, the prognosis is bleak and the doctors have little confidence that she will survive. It is unfathomable to type those words. 

I earnestly ask you to pray. First, that Charity's heart would be strengthened. Pray that the doctors and nurses would have wisdom and compassion as they care for her. As long as she has breath, the Lord can intervene and cause her treatment to be effective. He is able to work in this situation. Second, pray for her son. He is five years old and the thought of any child losing their mother is heart breaking. Pray for his confusion in this situation, his care, and that he would grow to be a man who loves Christ. Third, Charity's son is with his father. Pray for him as he navigates such a difficult time with wisdom and love as he will be forced to answer questions no five year old should have to ask.

Finally, pray that the Gospel would be glorified in this situation. There are so many unanswered questions, emotions, and doubts that flood your mind when you receive such news.  Pray that we would remember that God is sovereign, God is good, and God is directing all things for His glory. Even when we cannot see the light of grace behind a frowning providence.

Update: I received the news that  Charity, passed away March 30th. She leaves behind her mother and her five year old son. Pray for Crosby’s birth brother that he would be loved and cared for as he adjusts to life without her. It is my prayer that in the face of such sorrow and the uncertainty of tomorrow that the gospel would be shown as our only hope in life and death. Thank you.

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