Friday, August 31, 2012

Our "Babymoon" in Ohio.

Crosby's first baseball game
Unfortunately, we will not be going home tomorrow. We nearly cleared all the hurdles with the ICPC but got caught by one contradictory form. Our social workers will be working on it this weekend and we hope to get it resolved on Tuesday. We're trying to make the most of our "babymoon" and be thankful for time we have together.  Yesterday we decided to go to Cleveland to see the Indians play a baseball game. It was an absolutely perfect afternoon! It was 72 degrees and sunny and the Blue Angels were flying over the stadium throughout the game. We found a shaded seat under the upper deck and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of baseball. We hope to visit Alistair Begg's church on Sunday and go to the Cincinnati area on Monday to meet up with Robert and Becky Konemann for the day.  As much as we want to go home to see the rest of our family we are trusting the Lord's timing and His provision. If you have told me a year ago that to get a baby I would have to wait in Ohio for two weeks I would have gladly accepted. God has done marvelous work in our family to bring Crosby into our lives. I need to trust Him even when things don't go according to my preferences. I have learned in life that when I look back at how God has orchestrated His plan it is always best. Despite the troubles, I can affirm that I would have it not other way than how He worked. This time is no different.

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